Regional news

Фото: Omicron and other viruses. The seasonal rise of acute respiratory infections has complicated the new strain of coronavirus
22 Марта 2022 23674
The healthcare system has prepared for both the rise in the incidence of acute infections.
Фото: The new look of the shrine. What will be the reconstructed Zhirovichi Holy Dormition Monastery
15 Марта 2022 23317
Over the five centuries of its existence, the monastery was destroyed more than once.
Фото: Restored historical plaques in honor of the reunification of Belarus installed on the Old Bridge in Grodno
11 Октября 2021 23393
This event was timed to coincide with the National Unity Day.
Фото: A chance to become a mom. From January 1, 2021 spouses in Belarus have the opportunity to make one IVF attempt for free
12 Июля 2021 23833

A chance to become a mom. From January 1, 2021 spouses in Belarus have the opportunity to make one IVF attempt for free.

Фото: A brilliant Grodno schoolboy wins international chemistry Olympiads and knows everything about difficult tasks
07 Июля 2021 23352
It is difficult for a person who has problems at exact sciences to understand how one can pore for hours on tasks.
Фото: Minsk European Games SportAR app launched
29 Мая 2019 24164
An augmented reality mobile application for the 2nd European Games in Minsk SportAR has been presented at the briefing “The use of IT during the 2nd European Games” in Minsk on 28 May, BelTA learned from the Minsk European Games Organizing Committee (MEGOC).

Фото: Tickets for II European Games: whom, how and where to buy?
29 Мая 2019 24140
The best way to know the relevance of a particular sporting event is to count the number of those who are interested in it. It is more difficult with TV viewers: the ratings and audience of television screens will become more or less clear only at the end of the competition. It is clearer with tickets.
Фото: 2nd European games expected to attract about 30,000 foreign tourists
27 Марта 2019 24652
Belarus looks forward to welcoming about 30,000 foreign tourists during the 2nd European Games Minsk 2019, was learned from Belarusian Deputy Sports and Tourism Minister Mikhail Portnoi on 27 March.
Фото: Grodno schoolgirls became participants of the meeting in the hotel "Beijing"
26 Июля 2018 31122
The ceremony of schoolchildren and students awarding, who excelled this year in studying of the Chinese language was held in the hotel "Beijing" in Minsk on the 6th of July. Once again 30 young men and women from different regions of the country shoed their knowledge in the Chinese language. Two smart girls from Grodno are among them: Ekaterina Pechko, a graduate of Gymnasium No. 7, and Yulia Klimovich, a nine-grader from secondary school No. 38.