Wiadomości z Lidy

Фото: Grodno schoolgirls became participants of the meeting in the hotel "Beijing"
26 Июля 2018 6535
The ceremony of schoolchildren and students awarding, who excelled this year in studying of the Chinese language was held in the hotel "Beijing" in Minsk on the 6th of July. Once again 30 young men and women from different regions of the country shoed their knowledge in the Chinese language. Two smart girls from Grodno are among them: Ekaterina Pechko, a graduate of Gymnasium No. 7, and Yulia Klimovich, a nine-grader from secondary school No. 38.
- Annually, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Belarus encourages students who showed high motivation for studying the Chinese language and who distinguished themselves at the final stage of the republican olympiad in the relevant subject, says Irina Malevich, the chief specialist of the general secondary and preschool education department of the main education department of the regional executive committee.
Фото: The reconstruction of the checkpoint "Kamenny Log" is scheduled to start in 2019
21 Июля 2018 6546
The reconstruction of the checkpoint "Kamenny Log" is scheduled to begin in 2019. This was announced by Yuriy Senko, the chairman of the State Customs Committee, at a meeting of the public consultative council under the State Customs Committee.
Фото: Tickets for the II European Games will be on sale on the 1st of December
15 Июля 2018 6461
Tickets for the II European Games will be available on sale from the 1st of December. This was announced today by Maxim Koshkald, the marketing manager of the fund "Directorate of the II European Games of 2019".
II European Games ticket sales are scheduled to start on the 1st of December in Minsk. They will be available at the special website minsk2019.ticketpro.by We will announce ticket prices in October Starting from the 1st of March, all interested will be able to purchase tickets for the games via the website from any country in the world, says the marketing manager.
The design of tickets has already been developed and approved. - As the product promotion progresses, we will present the design of tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies of the European Games, noted MaximKoshkalda.
Фото: A fashion show about love and the other surprises of the Eurasian Festival of Cultures in Mir Castle
01 Июля 2018 6467
The festival of cultures was held on 21 June. The most interesting program for the audience began in the courtyard of the castle at 16.00. The audience saw the music-choreographic fashion show "The way to Belarus" by designer Anastasia Falckovich, which united music in folk stylization, choreography, fashion and history. Together with the young director Ian Kleshchenko, with the support of "PAWA" and "FERIYA" groups, Anastasia presented a sketch based on the show "The way to Belarus", which will be premiered only in September of this year. At the heart of the musical event is a story about the love of the young pan to a simple Belarusian woman from an out-of-the-way place.
Фото: The programme of XII Country-wide Festival of National Cultures in Grodno
25 Мая 2018 7671
XII Country-wide Festival of National Cultures will be held in Grodno from 1st to 3rd of June.  THE PROGRAMME* of concluding events   Friday, 01.06   TYZENHAUS SQUARE   from 12.00   "The fair of safety" - the feast for children and adults from State Traffic Patrol Department of the Ministry of National Affairs of Belarus   YANKA KUPALA GRODNO STATE UNIVERSITY, OZHESHKO STREET, 22 
Фото: Festiwal Ognia «Phoenix»
15 Мая 2018 7116
Festiwal Ognia „Phoenix”, 19 maja 2018 r.
Data i czas:
• 19 maja 2018 r. Od 20.00 do 24.00. 
• Zamek, Lida.