The reconstruction of the checkpoint "Kamenny Log" is scheduled to start in 2019

21 Июля 2018 8357

a8f9aa00290d9cb1f1fb6a6b19f13b50The reconstruction of the checkpoint "Kamenny Log" is scheduled to begin in 2019. This was announced by Yuriy Senko, the chairman of the State Customs Committee, at a meeting of the public consultative council under the State Customs Committee.

The customs bodies of Belarus are actively working on improving of the conditions for the movement of goods and passengers across the border. Infrastructure changes are planned at the checkpoints located on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, for example. The reconstruction of the Kamenny Log checkpoint is scheduled to start in 2019. The main goal of the reconstruction is a threefold increase of capacity to 6,000 vehicles per day (3,500 cars, 2,400 trucks, 100 buses), says Yuriy Senko.

A reversible channel system will be provided for the registration of vehicles from 32 channels at the checkpoint for the first time: 16 in each direction. The number of channels can be changed in the directions of traffic, depending on the number of vehicles to enter or leave the country. - There was an old project, and we reworked it taking into account today's realities.This system will make the work of the border checkpoint more convenient, says the chairman of the SCC.

The installation of a stationary inspection and inspection complex will allow significantly accelerate the conduct of customs control instead of the mobile which is currently available. In addition, the technology of automated electronic distribution of cars for parking places will be introduced on the territory of the republican customs clearance point.

The traffic and traffic flows will be redistributed to other checkpoints located on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border during the reconstruction of the Kamenny Log. - Now we are actively negotiating with the border service of our country, customs officers and border guards of neighboring countries for taking all the necessary decisions, because we plan to transfer all flows to those areas where we can provide vehicles registration at the time of the border checkpoint reconstruction, added Yuriy Senko.

The reconstruction of the Kamenny Log checkpoint is planned to be carried out at the expense of the borrowed funds of the European Investment Bank.

Also, the construction of a transport and logistics center with large storage facilities was started near the "Kamenny Log", where a departmental customs clearance office will be opened. - The construction is scheduled to be completed by September of this year, and commissioning works will begin in September, and we hope that this terminal will begin its work in early October, says the chairman of the SCC.