Grodno schoolgirls became participants of the meeting in the hotel "Beijing"

26 Июля 2018 28726

123The ceremony of schoolchildren and students awarding, who excelled this year in studying of the Chinese language was held in the hotel "Beijing" in Minsk on the 6th of July. Once again 30 young men and women from different regions of the country shoed their knowledge in the Chinese language. Two smart girls from Grodno are among them: Ekaterina Pechko, a graduate of Gymnasium No. 7, and Yulia Klimovich, a nine-grader from secondary school No. 38.

- Annually, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Belarus encourages students who showed high motivation for studying the Chinese language and who distinguished themselves at the final stage of the republican olympiad in the relevant subject, says Irina Malevich, the chief specialist of the general secondary and preschool education department of the main education department of the regional executive committee.

Tsui Zimin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Belarus, presented awards to Belarusian students and schoolchildren, wishing them to comprehend new heights and continue to contribute to the Belarusian-Chinese friendship through language learning.

Ekaterina Pechko graduated this year from the eleventh grade with an average score of 8.5. The choice of profession has long been defined, and the prize place at the final stage of the republican Olympiad in the Chinese language helped to become a student of the linguistic university of the capital. Ekaterina is already enrolled in the specialty "translator-linguist of the faculty of Chinese language and culture" on an out-of-competition basis.

When she was asked what she felt when she found out that she was among the awarded schoolchildren in the country and received an invitation from the Chinese Embassy to come to Minsk, the girl answered: "Delight!".

- I was going to this result for several years. First, the hobby for the language was present in the daily schedule as a hobby, but the last two years I devoted almost all my free time to this, says the schoolgirl. For the first time this year, I took part in the final stage of the republican olympiad of the Chinese language, and the result, frankly, surpassed all expectations. The guys, who lived in China for a while, were among participants, and therefore, the culture and subtleties of the language were immersed completely with a different intensity. It is an excellent result to become a third-degree student, especially among them.


Another Grodno schoolgirl Yulia Klimovich has repeatedly become a finalist of the regional stage of the republican olympiad of the Chinese language. She studies it in the faculty at her native school No. 38 the fourth year. Her family treated this kind of hobby for a long time as a temporary interest.

- Telling the truth, I did not immediately believe that I was among the students invited to Minsk from all over Belarus when I received a call from the Embassy of the People's Republic of China was called. I finally realized that this was not a joke, when the head of the school also told the same news, says Yulia. The Chinese language, like the culture of its carriers, is very interesting and complex, and when you discover something new for yourself it is always very exciting.

ective classes are in demand by other students. Parents are sincerely interested in them, as the children have the opportunity to learn the second foreign language. And what about the ability to write hieroglyphs, participation in the Chinese New Year holidays and the days of China?

-This year more than three hundred schoolchildren comprehended the basics of the Chinese language, noted Irina Malevich. Tthe pupils of the gymnasium No. 1 named after E.F. Karsky, Grodno city gymnasium and gymnasium No. 6, schoolchildren of school No. 18 and school No. 38 were familiarized with a hieroglyphic letter and grammar not the first year. For the first time such practice was actual for school No. 39 and gymnasiums No. 2, No. 5, No. 7 and No. 10 of the regional center.

This year the first district center, where schoolchildren studied the Chinese language during the academic year, was Voronovo. The agreement was signed between Voronovsky secondary school and BSU on the establishment of a center for the study of the Chinese language in the institution.

In the spring, a festival of theaters in a foreign language takes place every year, and for the first time this year, in addition to the usual productions in English, French, Spanish, the students of Gymnasium No. 1 named after E.F. Karsky surprised with a fairy tale in Chinese, added Irina Malevich.